CEO Token
Integrity, Utility, Community

Recently promoted by Elon Musk, CEO has mastered the trade from his financial advisor and brings on a new CEOnomics ecosystem with a unstoppable mission to complete Elon's Mission to Mars.

What is $Ceo?

🐾 CEO is here to change the game. A fun but purposeful meme token built on the BSC network with fully experienced marketers and trusted partners on board.

🐾 A low tax deflationary token, with real time buybacks and an extensive marketing wallet, CEO is sure to make his entrance with a big bang.

Who is the Team?

🐾 CEOs board panel has KYC'd and audited with their partners Pinksale to ensure the office is guaranteed the upmost safety.
🐾 Integral community members of Safemoon, ElonGate, FEG and FoxFinance in the team. These members held a large amount of tokens and helped build the community we know it to be.
🐾 Extensive list of partners and marketing connections ready to back the CEO's Office.


Phase 1

  • 🐾 Development of CEO Ideology
  • 🐾 Website Development and Release
  • 🐾 Whitepaper Launch
  • 🐾 Subscription Presale
  • 🐾 Marketing Partners Advisory Board Formed
  • 🐾 NFT and Staking App Development

Phase 2

  • 🐾 CEO DEX Token Launch
  • 🐾 Massive Marketing Campaign
  • 🐾 CG and CMC Listings
  • 🐾 Real Time Suprise Buybacks
  • 🐾 NFT Staking and APR Staking Launch
  • 🐾 5 Million Marketcap Milestone -CoinMarket Cap and CoinGecko Listing

Phase 3

  • 🐾 Swap Development and Launch
  • 🐾 Merchandise Launch
  • 🐾 Tier 1 CEX Listings
  • 🐾 CEO Bridge to ETH, Arbitrium and Polygon.
  • 🐾 10 Million MarketCap Milestone
  • 🐾 CEOAI Bot Creator and integration with AI.

CEO Utilities

APR Staking

CEO has allowed his employees to benefit from this by staking not only their tokens but also their NFT for maximum net yield. With APY rates to be confirmed at the next board meeting, CEO will announce the exact figures in short time.


An NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital asset that has been authenticated using blockchain technology. Digital assets are intangible objects that live on the Internet, including videos, GIFs, images, and collages. NFTs allow their makers not only to “sign” digital assets but also to make money from them.

AI Integrated Tools

As a recently promoted CEO, the CEO himself has decided to move to a more effortless regime in the office. Workers should be moving toward the future and relying on AI Technology to make lives simpler in the workplace environment.
AI Technology will allow employees to make a informed but beneficial decision in trading with ease. CEOBot will be a trading tool where fully automated trading skills come out to play, and employees can take a step back and focus on their playtime and treats.
CEOBOT will have more details to follow as currently planned in our phase 3 of PawMap.


All Employees must pay tax in order to be part of our paw-community. We have kept it low for the fairness of the office, the taxes are as of follows:


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